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Based upon biblical principles and a prompting by the Holy Spirit, Bethany First Baptist Church was organized by its current pastor, the Reverend Doctor Ronald Benson on January 6, 1980. While just a dream at the time, God blessed the church to grow in spirit and truth as well as in numbers, beginning with just 10 members, and reaching over 200 persons. In the ensuing years, Bethany has reached thousands of persons through its preaching, teaching, and counseling ministries, which have been presented on radio and television. While many of the founding members have transferred to other areas of the country via the military, Bethany's ministry has remained a viable source of strength and direction, and continues touching the lives of people of all races.

In 1983, Bethany left Ella Austin Community Center and began meeting in the Dellcrest Plaza Shopping Mall, 1800 S. W. W. White Road. It was not long after that move, in September of the same year, that Bethany located its present edifice and began renting it by faith. The church building was originally located at 4600 Highway 90 East, on the access road. It was during this time period that Bethany experienced its first miracle. On December 27, 1983 the church building was donated free and clear to the congregation by its then owners, the Bethany Joint Venture, made up principally of Mr. Richard Wade and Mr. Jerry Haddocks. As a stipulation to the gift, the church had to be moved. Through the help of the Lord and His speaking to Mother Claudell Benson, successful negotiations were achieved with Mr. Quincy Lee and Mr. Ray Ellison for the purchase of our present location at 202 Noblewood Drive. On April 26, 1986 Bethany moved the building down the access road of Hwy 90 to its present location. In May 1992, Bethany again experienced God's miracle when it was given the Hazel Miller Building at 229 St. Johns Street by Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Alberta Miller in memory of Mrs. Hazel Miller, who was a pioneer in home day care services. Both the church and the day care building each have over 6,000 square feet.

During our brief history, we have been blessed to reach hundreds of listeners in South Texas over radio stations KAPE, KSLR, KSJL, and KCHL. The church continues to work with the community on issues that affect the lives of its members, and welcomes you to join in these soul winning, teaching and outreach ministries. Your participation and that of your family, children, grandchildren, and other relatives are an important and integral part of the focus of Bethany First Baptist Church. You are expected to take an active part in the life of your church. We don not believe in so-called "bench members".

When you join Bethany, expect to go to work for the Lord.

The heart is the happiest when it beats for others.
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